About This Online Distance Learning Site

success sgnpostThe ODL site is intended for anyone who is involved in or wants to know more about campus learning and online distance learning (distant learning or distance education).

In particular, it should be useful to students wanting to study a university or college program, since it has pages about the various programs together with links to schools where they can be studied.  The site will also be useful to teachers interested in using new technologies in their teaching, since it has pages on various aspects of ICT in education, and links to teaching resources.

Graduate and Undergraduate Business Programs

business programsBusiness programs open the doors to higher salaries than those with other majors do over time.  This page helps you to find out where you can take suitable programs, what the trends are, what you can earn after graduation, and more ... 

An MBA Human Resource Management Can Get You That Promotion

hands togetherAn MBA human resource management degree provides a basis for a leading role in the business world, and in government and non-government organizations.   This page tells you more about these programs, where you can find them, and what jobs are open to you after graduation.

List of Open Educational Resources Websites

COL book on OERThis page provides an annotated list of websites with OER (Open Educational Resources) for education teaching materials.  It is not a definitive list - please let us know of sites that you think should be included.

What To Study To Become An RN

pathways flowchartIf you're interested in nursing as a career, now is the time to become an RN. The demand for Registered Nurses (RNs) is strong and growing. This page tells you about the pathways to nursing registration, helps you to find suitable programs to prepare you for the NCLEX nursing licensing exam, and more ...

Patient Care Technician Certification For A Valuable Career

nurse with child in hospital

With patient care technician certification you can make a start in a career in health care and feel a sense of achievement in your job.  This page has further details of this field and the programs, both on-campus and by online and distance learning, that can lead to certification.

A Masters in Forensic Accounting Prepares You For An Exciting Career

masters in forensic accountingA masters in forensic accounting can lead to a career that is interesting, exciting and fulfilling. This page has information about the programs, where they can be taken, the prospects, and more ...

Studying a Clinical Doctorate in Psychology

brain scanAre you looking for clinical doctorate in psychology programs? This page will help you to find out more about clinical psychology study online and on campus.

Where to Study Elementary Education Online Degrees

elementary education online degreesThis page is about elementary education online degrees.  This page provides information on what is studied and where you can study online elementary education degrees, what's studied in the programs, what the career prospects are, and more.  

Tips for learning online: Three things to do, two things not to do, and one "no-no" for learning online

students learning onlineTips for learning online - Here are three things you should make sure you do, two things you shouldn't do, and one thing that is absolutely forbidden, if you are wanting to learn online.

On Campus and Online Teacher Certification Programs

teacherBoth campus-based and online teacher certification programs are excellent ways to qualify for a teaching career.  This page gives details of the programs and where they can be found.  In particular, it has useful details of how and where to find online teacher training programs.

Adult Education Masters Programs

Teach in college with an adult education mastersAs the name suggests, an adult education masters prepares you to work with adult learners. This might be in a college setting, in online education, military education or in corporate training.  A masters degree in this field offers plenty of career options in teaching and training. 

Online IT Programs and Jobs

online IT programs for a careeer at the forefrontOnline IT programs and courses help in providing the knowledge and skills required for jobs in this challenging field of IT and computer engineering.  This page provides more details of the programs available, the schools where they can be taken, the career prospects, and more ...

Online High School and GED Preparation

If you are considering an online distance program but still need to complete high school or the GED, consider using the free online preparation programs offered by My-GED.com to help you earn your high school diploma or pass the GED test.

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