On Campus and Online Business Management Degree Programs

Why study a business management degree? Business management is concerned with the organization and smooth running of a company.business management degree cloud

This page is to help you find out more about business management programs, what the courses are, what careers are possible, and what you can earn.

There are lots of organizations that employ people in this type of position, whether it is a small company, a retail chain or a huge corporation.  And within the larger companies there are separate departments with managers.  This job will also climb in salary based on the number of years experience, number of people managed and size of company.  In most cases the level of education attained, combined with a proven track record in employment, will determine your suitability for a position.

You can study starting at an associate degree in business management right through to a masters degree in business management.  Many people take an online MBA (Masters in Business Administration) Program with a management specialization, which they can complete whilst still in employment.  Graduates of MBAs can get better jobs and higher salaries.  Online doctoral (DBA) programs are also becoming popular now.


Where can you study online business management degree programs?

Many schools offer bachelors, masters and doctoral distance learning business management programs.  Here are a select few:

  • University of Phoenix
    • B.S. in Management
    • B.S. in Organizational Security and Management
    • BS in Business/Global Business Management
    • BS in Business/Hospitality Management
    • BS in Business/Human Resource Management
    • BS in Business/Integrated Supply Chain and Operations Mgmt
    • BS in Business/Management
    • BS in Business/Project Management
    • BS in Business/Retail Management
    • BS in Business/Small Business Management & Entrepreneurship
    • BS in Business/Sustainable Enterprise Management
    • BS in Criminal Justice Administration - Management
    • BS in Health Administration - Health Management
    • BS in Human Services Management
    • BS in Organizational Security and Management
    • MBA
      • Global Management
      • Human Resource Management
      • Technology Management
    • DBA (Doctor of Business Administration)
  • Virginia College Online
    • Bachelor of Health Services Management
    • Bachelor of Human Resource Management
    • Bachelor of Management Information Systems
    • Bachelor of Network Management
    • Master of Business Administration - Management


What is studied for business management?

The trends for this type of position may range based on the type of education and the number of years experience that someone has. Training can be provided online or in person. There are also part time courses that can help someone develop their learning over a longer stretch of time. Whether someone gets their minimum training or masters will also influence the pay.

Some schools offer business management as Bachelors of Science, e.g., the University of Phoenix which offers a B.S. in various management strands, such as Management, Global Business Management, Project Management, Small Business Management & Entrepreneurship, and many others.

It is possible to take management in an online Business Administration program.  Relevant courses in such a program include: strategic management, organizational management, HR management, finance and accounting, microeconomics, and business ethics.  Some programs allow specialization, e.g., DeVry University has a bachelors degree in business administration with majors including: Project management, Health Services Management, Hospitality Management, Operations Management, Security Management, and HR management.  Similar specializations can be taken in masters (MBA) programs at University of Phoenix and in doctoral (DBA) programs at Walden University - Online.


What careers are possible in business management?

Picking a career may not be easy, however earning a degree in business can certainly broaden the possibilities. This particular skill can lead someone in many directions. They may be a project manager in a huge company, factory or corporation. The skills learned through a degree can also be used to work in a human resources department overseeing the operation of the department.

A retail manager will need to have the skills learned through a degree. The manager would need to have administration experience, the ability to monitor and supervise staff members as well as run the store. Marketing expertise may also keep the store profiting as it should.
An IT project supervisor will be responsible for many IT positions and the work load. They will assess the work, tackle the problems and oversee some of the work of other staff and employees. With a crew to run and all of the issues riding on their choices, it can be a very profitable and rewarding career.
A general manager will take responsibility for all staff, jobs and potential sales. They will deal with troubling issues, preventing issues and helping to maximize growth. The areas that this field will cover will help someone expand their capacity and use every venue possible to build up a strong company.


What can you expect to earn after completing a business management program?

The pay for jobs in business management may vary considerably.  Someone who works in retail as an assistant may earn from 27k to 46k, a retail manager could find themselves earning 32-58k.  A project manager may earn 48-83k, with the top earners sitting around the 78-107k range for IT managers.  Finding jobs with a degree in business management that pay well may take some time and research.


For more schools and programs

Browse the schools below to find a suitable school and program. Request information from several schools and compare the admission requirements and course content before you choose a program.

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