On Campus and Online Human Resources Management Degree Programs

human resource management degreeA human resources management degree provides a good start to your career in the business world, and in government and non-government organizations.  

This page tells you more about these programs, where you can find them, what jobs are open to you after graduation, future prospects and more ... 

A human resources management program prepares you for the many varied tasks involving staff interactions in the workplace and offers the opportunity to build a "people oriented" career in the corporate world.  Depending on your qualifications, you can take: associates and bachelors human resources, masters of human resources management, MBA human resource management, and doctoral degrees.


Selected human resources management degree programs

The following is a list of selected schools offering human resources degree programs online. 

  • Capella University
    • BS - Human Resource Management
    • MBA - Human Resource Management
    • MS - Industrial/Organizational Psychology
    • MS - General Career Counseling
    • PhD - Human Resource Management
    • PhD - General Human Services
  • Strayer University Online
    • Bachelor of Business Administration - Human Resource Management
    • MBA: Human Resource Management
    • MSHRM: Human Resource and Organizational Development
    • MSHRM: Human Resource Generalist


What do you study in a human resources management program?

Human resources management has gained importance in recent years as employee recruitment and training for changing work practices for greater efficiency has become part of stategic planning.  Changes in workplace legislation has also made the role of the HR professional crucial.  A human resources management degree prepares you to become part of this new environment, for example mediating in harassment cases, ensuring equal opportunities regulations are followed, recruiting new personnel, and maintaining employee records.

The typical program at bachelors level might include: industrial psychology, organizational structure, information management, quantitative analysis, communication skills, health and safety rules, labor law, employee training, and compensations rights and benefits administration.

At masters level, programs that enrol graduates from other areas might include some of the content of the bachelors program, but at a more advanced level.   A typical program might include: planning and development, compensation rights, global management, health and safety rules, labor law, hiring protocols, disciplinary action, dispute resolution, benefits administration, employee training and development, and employee relations.


What are the prospects for graduates?

There are many jobs available to human resource management graduates.  But it would depend very much on the level of qualification. 

A human resources bachelor's degree will qualify you to apply for an entry-level human resources assistant job.  With some experience you can apply for a position as: manager of recruitment, labor relations manager, compensation manager, equal employment opportunity coordinator.

There has been "qualifications creep" as more people now take masters, hence reducing the value of an ordinary bachelors degree human resources.  Some masters graduates may be able to take up a position as an HR director, overseeing an HR department.  Other positions that masters graduates might apply for include HR generalist, training coordinator, and HR information systems specialist.  An HR generalist's job would include providing the programs and polices that govern an HR department.  A training coordinator would organise sessions to train employees.  An HR information systems specialist would develop computer applications and information systems to help manage and organize employee and potential recruits information.

A steady increase in the number of human resource vacancies is expected over the coming decade (US Bureau of Labor Statistics). In 2010, human resources jobs entry level salary is about $53,000 per annum for a human resource generalist.  But with a higher qualification and appropriate experience, an HR manager can earn around $83,500.


For more schools and programs

Browse the schools below to find a suitable school and program. Request information from several schools and compare the admission requirements and course content before you choose a program.

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