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On the Move: Mobile Learning for Development

Edited by: 

Wanjira Kinuthia, Georgia State University
Stewart Marshall, The University of the West Indies

Brief details:

This book integrates research, action research, best practice and case studies detailing how some educators have embraced the opportunities afforded by mobile learning. In particular, it brings together a range of scenarios, solutions and discussions relating to mobile learning in development and other resource challenged contexts.

The book will appeal to elected public/government representatives, public service agencies, community groups, regional development bodies, researchers, educational technologists and others interested in mobile learning. Students on senior undergraduate or postgraduate courses in educational technology, education, development studies, information technology, information systems, business, health, and social work will find this book useful in their studies related to the application of mobiles in learning and development.

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Introduction: On the Move, Wanjira Kinuthia, Stewart Marshall


Mobile Learning and Traditional Students: New Standards for Interaction and Accessibility, Jason G. Caudill

Appropriate Technologies for Challenging Contexts: Musings on the Need to Expand Notions of m-Learning and Blended Learning, Susan Crichton and Brown Onguko

SMS or Apps? A Comparison Using SWOT Analysis, Tatjana Taraszow, Manuella Borghs, and Yiannis Laouris

MASLO: An Open Source Platform for Mobile Development, Rovy Branon and Moses Wolfenstein

Use of Social Networking Websites for Mobile Learning Contexts, Hasan Tinmaz


Research on Mobile Learning in Adult Education, Min Liu, Renata Geurtz, Angela Karam, Cesar Navarrete, and Robert Scordino

Mobiles for Learning in Africa: The Elephants in the Room, John Traxler

Learning on Field Trips with Mobile Technology, Sam Meek, Elizabeth Fitzgerald, Mike Sharples, and Gary Priestnall

Use of Mobile Learning to Train Healthcare Workers in Resource-Limited Settings, Aileen Y Chang, Ryan Littman–Quinn, and Carrie L Kovarik.

Inter-Generational Indigenous Knowledge Exchange and Mobile Phones: The Possibilities and the Potential, Ronda Zelezny-Green

Concluding Remarks: Mobile Learning for Development, Wanjira Kinuthia and Stewart Marshall

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Go to publisher website to find out more about this book.

A volume in the series:

Educational Design and Technology in the Knowledge Society.

Series Editors:

Stewart Marshall, The University of the West Indies.

Wanjira Kinuthia, Georgia State University.

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