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A sustainable business MBA - protect profits anf the environmentWhat is a sustainable business MBA and what can you do with it?  This page contains more details about Green MBA programs, where you can study them, what the prospects are after completion, and more ...

Studying a green business MBA (or a sustainable management MBA) provides students with an opportunity to take a new look at traditional management and business practices. It prepares students to be skilled managers who also understand the complex issues in sustainability, such as greenhouse-gas emissions reduction, transportation planning, green building and procurement, waste management, and energy and water conservation.

MBA programs are very popular amongst people already employed in business who wish to progress their careers. So they are often completed online and on a part-time basis.  This pages has details of schools where Green MBAs can be studied online.  You can try other pages on this site if you want more details of On Campus Programs.


Where can you study an online sustainable business MBA?

If you want to find schools where you can take online sustainable business or sustainable management MBA programs, browse the list below and use the search boxes on this page to find others:

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Featured program: The MBA in Sustainable Management at Anaheim University

Sustainable business MBA programs, such as the Green MBA at AU, focus on leadership, social responsibility and sustainable business practices.  It looks beyond short-term quarterly profits, and focuses on long-term gain by incorporating the environmental and social costs of doing business into management decisions.

The essential features of the sustainable management MBA program are:

  • 18-month intensive Online MBA program;
  • 6 courses in Business Administration from the Anaheim University Akio Morita School of Business Online Global MBA Track;
  • 6 "Green" courses in Sustainable Management through the Anaheim University Kisho Kurokawa Green Institute;
  • Interact with your professor and social entrepreneurs around the globe;
  • Complete the Green MBA online from anywhere in the world while working full-time;
  • Online MBA courses start every 6 weeks.


What is included in an MBA in sustainable business?

Green MBA programs may include some or all of the following courses: global economics, human resource management, managerial accounting, marketing, innovation & entrepreneurship, managerial finance, Triple Bottom Line accountability & management, green marketing & environmental product design/recycling, corporate social responsibility & ethics, sustainable enterprise development & leadership.

Programs may also include a substantial project.

As an MBA student it is good to keep up with the latest business news. Click here to read and obtain a free subscription to Business Professional Weekend News and Business Professional MidWeek News.


What jobs are there for graduates?

As companies around the globe face the challenges of sustainability, there is an increasing need for ecologically aware and socially responsible leaders who have the capacity to incorporate strategies for both sustainability and profitability into their businesses to achieve value maximization in a more holistic way.  So increasingly graduates of sustainable MBA (or green MBA) programs will find themselves in demand and able to command s good salary.


List of MBA schools and programs

Browse the schools below - and remember to request information and compare the admission requirements and course content of several schools before you choose a program.

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